The Herby Smelling Oil

 MooGoo Tamanu Oil First Aid

We’re often told that certain products are absolute ‘must-haves’ in every household. Have you ever thought your MooGoo serum could be one of them?

Tammi, a 30-year-old stay at home mum from Newcastle, recently got in touch to tell us that our Tamanu Oil is an absolute necessity for every Australian’s bathroom cabinet, after it helped her elderly father overcome a wound he had struggled with for five years.

“Now we both love this product by MooGoo and think it should be a staple in bathroom cabinets everywhere.”   


Happy Man


“I noticed a wound my father has on his arm opened up again and began to bleed a little. It’s not a deep wound, but he is almost 80 and with ageing skin and dry skin, so it has been struggling to return to healthy condition for about five years!”“He’s tried just about everything, including many creams, lotions and vitamin supplements, with no success.”

 “On a hunch, I said “try this Dad!” and squirted some of the oil on his arm! He rubbed it in and we covered it with a square bandage. He was sceptical, but I told him it’s ‘meant to be good for this kind of thing’. It helps make the skin more supple.

To Tammi’s surprise, the Tamanu really helped his skin. “There was immediate and obvious improvement overnight! “He was so impressed that he’s been using it ever since and the wound is already a lot smaller and looking so much better.

“It’s a lot less worrying for us family members and he’s been telling everyone about it, even one of his mates has begun using it and has seen noticeable improvement too.


Tamanu Plant

 Tamanu Oil is also known as Dilo Oil (don't mis-spell that one!). The oil is cold pressed from the nuts of the popular Tamanu Tree. The tree grows in abundance in the beautiful Pacific Islands and is usually wild harvested therefore is naturally organic. It then gets cold pressed by the lovely locals, stored in airless pumps and ends up at your place! 

Our Tamanu Oil is great to use on troubled skin, and is traditionally used for acne prone skin. It's also becoming famous for it's anti-ageing benefits based on the promotion of new skin and it's assistance in repair. You can apply the oil directly onto cleansed skin, or by adding a few drops to boost your favourite moisturiser.