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We are what we eat
There are so many brands of dog and cat food on the market it’s hard to know as an owner which one is best? If you’re standing at the pet store scratching your head at the endless options, you are not alone. Raw food, home-cooked, grain-free, meat-based, poultry-based… the list goes on and on.
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Winter Care for Your Pet
Winter, as we know it brings about dry and often flaky skin. Keep in mind that our pets could also be suffering from these conditions, it's just we don't see them as readily due to their furry covering. Below are some of my tips to best look after your pet's skin and coat this winter.
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How to Prevent and Help a Dog with Arthritis
For our pets it's usually in the cooler months we start to see the first signs of arthritis, particularly in our older pets. Inflammation of the joint can occur at any age but what I will focus on here is degenerative arthritis that is often seen as stiffness in the walk, unwilling to rise easily...
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