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Beach Time
If you are living close to the beach or visit the beach regularly with your dogs then this month’s blog post is for you! Most dogs love a trip a to the beach as much as we do so here are some things to be more aware of this year:
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Obesity and our pets
Food is such a huge part of our pet’s wellbeing and something that we, as owners, can have complete control over… well mostly unless they swipe that treat off the table when we aren’t looking! We are responsible for maintaining our pet’s healthy weight as diet choice is one of the leading...
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We are what we eat
There are so many brands of dog and cat food on the market it’s hard to know as an owner which one is best? If you’re standing at the pet store scratching your head at the endless options, you are not alone. Raw food, home-cooked, grain-free, meat-based, poultry-based… the list goes on and on.
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